Starting an Open Course

Using a popplet, this flowchart provides what one should consider before starting an open online course. This will be useful for anyone who is

  • contemplating to do a massively open online course in his own free time,
  • deciding to setup an independent open course that primarily uses free open tools
  • setting up an entire course by using creative commons licenses, so it can be openly shared, used and improved by others.

Starting an open course

This popplet is also licensed under a cc license.



A Practical Guide to Harnessing the Potential of Learning Communities

Seven Principles of Effective Teaching: A Practical Guide to Harnessing the Potential of Learning Communities

The infographic will be helpful for the online course facilitators  to harness the potential of learning communities. It uses the seven principles offered by Chickering and Gamson (1987) as a framework.

4- learning in communities