Thinking about designing for online and blended learning

In this topic, we look our ideas and thoughts on designing for online and blended learning.

  1. Current practice and possibilities for development of online and blended learning designs
  2. Instructional design for positive learning experience
  3. A blended design
  4. Design approaches to blended learning
  5. Student engagement and participation in online learning: Strategies for Instructors
  6. Student engagement and participation in online learning: Strategies for online learners
  7. Perspectives of “The librarian in the room”

Growing our learning communities

In this topic, “Learning in communities – networked & collaborative learning”, we talk about growing our own learning communities and personal learning networks.

  1. Learning in Communities: Why is it important to me?
  2. Learning in communities
  3. Learning in communities – networked & collaborative learning
  4. Learning through interaction
  5. When real collaborative learning took place
  6. Collaborate, we did


Thoughts on open learning

In this topic on “open learning- sharing and openness”, we mulled over what openness means to us, how we hope to try our hands on creating open educational resources.

  1. Expected and unexpected effects with sharing – good or bad?
  2. How open is ‘open education’ and are there ‘unintended visitors’?
  3. Openness for all
  4. Openness: In practice or content?
  5. Sharing and Openness in learning
  6. Sharing my knowledge

Reflections and Lessons Learnt

Using Flipgrid, we have put together our thoughts, reflections and experiences from this course and shared them as short videos. We welcome all ONL171 participants to share their thoughts here.

Click on the image below to enjoy the videos 

Each of us have also summarised our journey on this ONL in a blog post. Enjoy them at:

  1. Anette’s reflection
  2. Bettina’s thoughts
  3. Charlotte’s reflection
  4. Kiruthika’s new beginnings
  5. Laura’s Time – The pause before we continue
  6. Susan’s lessons learnt & future practice

Starting an Open Course

Using a popplet, this flowchart provides what one should consider before starting an open online course. This will be useful for anyone who is

  • contemplating to do a massively open online course in his own free time,
  • deciding to setup an independent open course that primarily uses free open tools
  • setting up an entire course by using creative commons licenses, so it can be openly shared, used and improved by others.

Starting an open course

This popplet is also licensed under a cc license.